Clarifying health issues and exploring your motivation.

Diagnostics of vital parameters: HRV (heart rate variability) and your biofeedback. This means we check your ability to adapt to stress as well as your ability to relax, which is positively given with a greater variability of heart rate.

Resource balance: using a suitable methodology we will explore your current possibilities and perspectives in order to define the first realistic steps towards your goals.

Kinesiological muscle function diagnostics paired with movement analyses will show you current muscular but also possible systemic imbalances. In this way, possible pain points, movement deficits or energetic blockages can be crystallized in a more differentiated way and we know exactly where to work in personal coaching.
Status quo of your condition on: physical, mental and systemic level.
Clarification of the potential stress and energy state as well as a detailed evaluation and outlook complete the holistic check-up.