Personal Clearing

Heart work: Mindsetting, stress reduction,
Clarity and relaxation, vision


Athletically oriented personal training is only one part of my work. Prevention coaching, motivational training and rehabilitation measures complement the holistic service.

This also includes therapeutic approaches such as acupressure, reflexology, kinesio taping, excursions into Thai yoga, energy work or methods of physical and mental relaxation. Only in this way is the claim of holistic personal coaching fulfilled.


It is not about a thousand-and-one ways to play with your muscles or create “fun”. Personal clearing means going deep, taking care of your own development with determination. Where are you at the moment and how do you feel about it? These are essential starting questions to locate expectations, weak points and blockages. This makes your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual experience transparent.

• If you know your inner compass and strengthen it neurophysiologically, enormous powers can be achieved with relatively little effort. Positive flow processes get going.

• Holistic coaching uses the knowledge of the flow technique, modern brain research and positive psychology. Systemic strategies and ancient Eastern traditions can also be useful. Everything remains free of dogmas and pseudo-esoteric trallala.

• Trust, exchange and contact works best face to face. But virtual or telephone sessions are also possible and show surprisingly positive effects. This became particularly visible during corona.