Personal Coaching

Prevention, Work/Life Balance,
Guidance and treatment


Just be who you are! It’s so easy to say, but it’s a big challenge for many of us. Everyone goes through phases where we lack clarity, enthusiasm, resilience and confidence. How do you regain your balance? How do you cope with the load of everyday life without stress? What gives you holistic satisfaction? What strategies are helpful now?

Together we develop a strategy to activate your resources and anchor them positively in your everyday life. Pure will, openness and a pinch of flexibility are the keys to success to reach your full potential. You determine the direction and I accompany you faithfully and respectfully on this unique journey.


Instead of answers and suggestions, I’ll start by giving you some powerful questions: What if? What will you do better tomorrow than today? What will remain when you change or reorient yourself? What kind of person do you want to become or become again? What has become obsolete in your life and can be let go of? What would your 8-year-old inner child say to you if it could see you today? If you were to paint the new you as a picture, what would it look like?

Perfect. This is the world I am passionate about. As a Personal Coach, I know the keys to success in achieving physical vitality and mental clarity – for a holistic approach to health and a pain-free body.

Together we look at what you have in you and which potential reserves of development – perhaps even “canned energy” – can be activated. Please read the text on the landing page “To the coach or on the couch” again.