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Tim Bertko is a welcome speaker and teacher at workshops, industry congresses and specialist conferences for sport, personal training, health and prevention. His fresh and metaphorical presentations inspire the participants.

Tim Bertko also educates personal trainers for whom superficial “bouncy castle” exercises are not enough. If you want to develop your power and professionalism, you will find in Tim an excellent sparring partner, inspirer and tutor.


Successful personal trainers are sensitive to the physical and emotional situation of their clients. Do you see yourself only as a fitness trainer or also as a coach, therapist, temporary friend or even as all of these at the same time? The live workshop shows you the six most effective soft skills of communication. You will learn how to build up a high level of commitment and a long-lasting bond with clients. And you will develop a new understanding for an optimal relationship between closeness and distance. This sensitizes you to correctly mark your boundaries as a personal trainer.

If you want to work holistically, you need theoretical knowledge and practical implementation strategies. After the seminar you will quickly experience the benefits, power and possibilities of appreciative communication with your clients:

The live workshop focuses on the central points of communication and the decisive soft skills in personal training:

– Professional “hands-on”: techniques, coaching, practice for practice.

– How do you deal with pain-stricken or rushed clients?

– How much empathy is right to build trust?

– How can demotivated clients be reactivated?

– How much closeness is appropriate? Where are the boundaries of privacy and intimacy?

– How do you communicate fee adjustments or difficult topics in training?

These and countless other questions are addressed in the seminar. Soft skills are strong skills, Tim is 100% convinced of that. For many years he has been working on the application of the so-called soft, psychosocial skills. His own experience is combined with current research results from neurobiology, linguistics and communication science, with coaching, happiness research, change management, etc.

If you want to work holistically, you need theoretical knowledge and practical implementation strategies. After the seminar you will quickly experience the benefits, power and possibilities of appreciative communication with your clients:

Retention, networking, commitment, referrals, higher fees and in the long run a fulfilling job as a personal trainer and coach.

You can find more information in Tim’s free brochure “Soft Skills are Strong Skills” «click here for download.

Dates for 2021 on request, as well as for the intensive individual coaching sessions.

Special rates are available for groups and studios.


As a personal trainer you don’t work behind bulletproof glass, instead very close to the client. In order to teach exercises correctly, physical contact is necessary. Every personal trainer knows that clumsy touching can lead to misunderstandings. Professional “hands-on” is a core competence of successful personal trainers and physiotherapists. However, there is not a well-founded training option on the market yet.

In this online seminar, Tim provides you with his effective and easy-to-implement knowledge. This creates security and competence, which are important when work, Hands-on with clients. Your existing knowledge will be deepened and individually enriched

The exercises can be understood as training elements that provide you with efficient “hands-on” techniques. Nevertheless, the hands-on techniques and variations do not replace your training concept. However, they will help you to take care of your client’s situational and with clarity during exercise and to touch them correctly. This will certainly prevent misunderstandings.

Here is a preview from the curriculum:

– Teaching  core, cable pull or dumbbell exercises.

– Precise instructions for body weight exercises from classic strength and functional training.

– hands-on techniques for mobilization and relaxation that generate a pleasant training flow. For your clients, this is pure relaxation that makes them want to do more sets of exercises. The “Hands-On” online course has three sections:

– Part A: 22 exercises for strength training & co, including all relevant hands-on techniques.

– Part B: 5 exercises for mobility and relaxation, so-called flow techniques, also including all professional hands-on techniques.

– Part C: Bonus material, “Manual Resistance” and “The smallest gym in the world”. You will like this very much.

With your booking you get all the lessons and you can access them as often as you like. The complete seminar costs only 79 Euros. Included is always a VIP ticket to a live seminar or for the supplementary online coaching “Soft Skills in Personal Training”. Instead of the usual 450 euro, with a VIP ticket you pay 100 euro less for the live seminar. Or 150 instead of 250 euro for the 45-minute online coaching. If you don’t have any “hands-on” experience in personal training, we recommend the live seminar with Tim or intensive individual coaching. You can find more information here.