Personal Training

Bodywork: strength and fitness,
performance enhancement, pain reduction


The most important thing at first: It’s about you. Maybe you’re already into sports or would like to get back into intensive running, rowing, golfing, dynamic dancing. Celebrate your success at work. Master a challenge stress-free and self-determined, feel and develop your latent potential.

Perfect. This is the world I am passionate about. As a personal coach, I know the keys to success for a better physical vitality and mental clarity -for holistic health concepts and for a pain-free musculoskeletal system.

My skill set is very holistic. I consider the body and mind as a unit; no one can stand well on one leg they say. The challenge is always the same: Dissolving blockages and then getting very close to your goals.

My clients always have concrete personal expectations. They have already discussed this with friends and therapists. Many of them come to me due to a positive recommendation. Then I often hear the sentence: “Well, Tim is known in Berlin. That’s nice, thank you very much!


The training takes place almost exclusively in my high quality equipped studio in Berlin, Moabit. We work with functional devices and professional equipment. For complementary treatments and mental practice there are additional rooms with a friendly and calm atmosphere. Everything is set for your positive development experience. My studio is a well protected and a safe space for great cooperation between you and me.

At the beginning, we take time to clarify your motivations, expectations and questions. This check-up appointment may include the following:

Health issues and motivation. Diagnosis of vital parameters such as heart rate variability and biofeedback. This shows your ability to adapt under load (stress) and your current potential to relax

• A resource assessment clarifies your current possibilities to take the first steps and direction toward your goals.

• Kinesiology muscle function diagnostics, paired with movement analyses, reveal muscular and systemic imbalances. We clarify painful spots, movement deficits and energetic blockages.

• Assessment of a holistic physical, mental and systemic status. Clarification and evaluation of current or potential stress and energy levels.