About Tim Bertko


I have been working independently since 2005. I am curious, like to learn new things and continuously push my widen competence. In the beginning, it was mainly sports-athletic training. Today, I primarily aim at the powerful synergy of body, mind and mental clarity. My knowledge has been developed at numerous international camps and optimized in daily exchange with my clients.

I experience the development work as a personal coach every day as a personal vocation. This is where I feel I am in the right place, this is my thing. I communicate with warm empathy, openness and love for people. The many appreciative feedbacks from my clients are a wonderful confirmation and motivation.


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I receive people like friends.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”.

In the course of life we meet many people who inspire and challenge us, whose communication is a gift for us. For me, clients, colleagues, mentors, friends and my family are dear and indispensable companions. I know how to appreciate this with gratitude and to a high degree.

That is why it is always a pleasure for me to invite people to meetings and think tanks. Sometimes to share inquisitiveness, enthusiasm and vitality, but often simply to experience joie de vivre, enjoyment and cheerfulness, and of course always to cultivate positive networks.

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The Nepal project is a matter close to my heart.

Travelling is one of my passions. Experiencing other countries and cultures. Openness paired with a pinch of adventure. Meeting and understanding people from foreign countries.

Of all my world travels, I have brought back the most intense impressions from Nepal. The Nepalese are full of life and curious about everything unknown. The diversity of religions, living together in a very small space and the orderly chaos in the midst of poverty. That made a deep impression on me. Nepal is one of the twenty poorest countries in the world. Nevertheless, there is a strong sense of togetherness, cosmopolitanism, tolerance and the will to share. The unique nature also touched my inner being, not only the Himalayas.

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KiWuCo: Infertility coaching is also a success story for men.

The Infertility Coaching (KiWuCo) is an empathetic support programme that will pick up couples where they are emotionally at the moment. We meet you online or live at eye level so that you can successfully ride the emotional rollercoaster of wanting a child.

The impetus for this programme came from my coaching colleague Annette, who is in charge of the concept. Together with Kathleen, this holistic online coaching programme for couples with an unfulfilled desire to have children has been developed over the last two years.

The KIWuCo Offer

My part is mainly directed at men and is meant as an urgent recommendation: Come out of the taboo zone. Let yourself be accompanied professionally and sensitively. Coaching offers you a safe framework to work on the stressful emotions of your unfulfilled desire to have a child in a trusting and open way.

Experience has shown that in this situation a lot of stress is caused by countless issues that are difficult to control: medical examinations, secrecy, shame, discussions with your health insurance, sex according to plan, hormone doses for your partner or your sperm delivery in a cabin, etc.

What does that do to you? How does it make you feel? What impact does the still unfulfilled desire to have a child have on your entire life, which goes on every day? Big questions. We men feel very differently from our partners, and we perceive crises very differently. I can help you with that.

The coaching goal is SelfCare: mindfulness, emotional clearing, pausing and letting go of old fixations. On the one hand, we work on the cognitive level, but also integrate all mental, emotional and physical resources to strengthen you mentally. And it doesn’t matter which childbearing phase you are currently in. KiWuCo is to be understood as an open, respectful and encouraging platform that picks up both partners in their current situation. The coaching bridges the gap between mental health and male and female identity. Between wishful thinking and experienced reality.